Assessment Profile Generator for GCE Cambridge Exams [Google Sheets Template]

Dahlia Foo
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This Google Sheets template helps teachers easily find out if they have set a good and fair test paper according to exam specifications.

Before Assessment Profile Generator:

Teachers are expected to set good test papers that will accurately assess their students' abilities and align with the test's objectives and purpose. However:

  • Teachers lack the tools to easily determine their test paper's overall difficulty level and the coverage of each learning objective / topic
  • As a result, teachers judge the quality of their test paper based on their "feeling" or feedback from students after they have taken the test (which is an inefficient way of creating good tests) rather than a measured approach (based on data before the test is given to students).
  • Even if teachers are collecting data about their test paper questions, they may not have an efficient process to analyse and visualise the data easily so that they make adjustments to the test paper to improve its quality.

After Assessment Profile Generator:

  • Template is easy to use with clear workflow and instructions, and is shareable among teachers.
  • Assessment profile is instantly created with visually beautiful and clean dashboards as soon as data is entered.
  • Data of all tests is stored in a single spreadsheet so you don't need multiple documents for multiple tests.
  • Teachers can create test papers based on a pre-determined level of difficulty and coverage of each learning objective / topic that will be tested
  • Teachers can easily compare difficulty levels of all assessments administered to a cohort.
  • Teachers can analyse the extent each learning objective in the syllabus has been tested in all assessments administered to a cohort

And most importantly...

Happier students and teachers who can be confident that the results of the test paper accurately reflects each of the students' abilities!

Key Features

  1. Instant visual breakdown of marks by topic, assessment objectives, difficulty, and learning objectives
  2. Filter breakdown by assessment, topic and learning objective

  1. One time data entry per test onto a consolidated data sheet
  2. Dropdown menus that dynamically filter as you type to speed up data entry process and minimise human error!

How does it work?

It's as easy as what you can see the gifs above...

Step 1: Enter your data into the “Data” spreadsheet

Step 2: View the interactive dashboard on the “Dashboard” spreadsheet

... and that's it!

What you'll get

  1. A spreadsheet template for your chosen* GCE O-Level or A-Level subject
  2. A step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the spreadsheet

* Each subject’s template has been set up with its own unique topics and learning objectives so teachers can start entering data immediately with minimal fussing around!


Can't I just buy one template and change it myself for a different subject?

Yes, of course!

However, while it seems straight-forward and easy enough to do, it might take up more time than expected to do it yourself (as I've found out myself), especially because some subjects have a more complicated topic and learning objective structure.

So if you're interested in getting the Assessment Profile Generator and need it for multiple subjects, save yourself the time and effort and get the bundle so that you can start using it immediately!

Will I get help if I need it?

Yes! Feel free to email me if you need help or have any advice!

Can I just buy one subject to try first and buy the rest later at a discount?

Sure, since you asked! You can buy one subject first and get the remaining 5 subjects from the O/A-Levels bundle for $400 later if you decide to. Email me for a discount code :)

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Assessment Profile Generator for GCE Cambridge Exams [Google Sheets Template]

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